About Producer Maserati Sparks

SBE producer Obadiah Johnson, known as Maserati Sparks (Sparks being given to him by his friends and Maserati being one of his favorite cars) born in Long Island, NY, was blessed with the gift to play piano by ear. He could automatically play anything he heard. He grew up in church playing for his father who was a Bishop before his passing. Music has been his life since birth. Both his parents were musically inclined. His mother sang and played the flute and his  father sang and played the keyboards as well. As sparks got older, he began to mingle with certain local artist and attend studios to collaborate and add to other peoples music. Starting in 2006, he invested in himself by purchasing an 8 track Casio keyboard which he used to make beats. He chose to expand. His friend and coworker, also a DJ,  purchased an iBook g4 and M-Box with protools 6, along with a microphone for recording. It was at this time that he began to effortlessly create beats and put his presence on Myspace. He gained recognition which at the time caught the attention of Akon’s manager. Soon after, he connected with friend and growing artist, Shineboy Mack, which proved to be a great combination of ideas and work. His work ethic led to the attention and his producing of artists Ray J, Lil Kim, Lil Scrappy, Young Buck, Bully and more.

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